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Newsletter number 46 of 07-10-2016Francesco Pestellini is the new MARSS' Key Account
Newsletter number 45 of 31-08-2016IMPORTANT: IP Controller Upgrade at firmware V. 4.1
Newsletter number 44 of 29-06-2016IP Controller Modules: the automation for the existing installation
Newsletter number 42 of 28-04-2016The evolution of the HD Cables for the CCTV: all in technical course organized by Hikvsion and Betacavi
Newsletter number 41 of 12-04-2016IP Controller: add new functions with the new Firmware v4.1.1
Newsletter number 38 of 22-02-2016Open the new MARSS' branches in Foggia (Apulia)
Newsletter number 36 of 15-01-2016App CATALOGO MARSS for iOS and Android
Newsletter number 35 of 05-01-2016Promo: free upgrade of IP Controller modules to firmware 4.1
Newsletter number 29 of 24-04-2015LINKEM cuts the P2P service? We have the solution
Newsletter number 27 of 12-03-2015Problem with the IP NAT? The Routerboard model IPV-4084V is the solution
Newsletter number 26 of 20-02-2015PoE Gigabit Switches
Newsletter number 25 of 30-01-2015Long distance 8 Ports PoE: up to 250 meteres
Newsletter number 24 of 19-01-2015New line of HDMI splitter, IPH series
Newsletter number 23 of 16-12-2014MARSS IP & Security wishes everyone Happy Hodilays
Newsletter number 22 of 07-12-2014New wall mounted Android Pc Tablet, for home&building automation

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