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IP Dialler, Building automation, Access controll: all in an APP

Mercoledì 30 Novembre 2016

The IP Controller modules by MARSS allow the smart management of any installations and/or devices already existing in a building and the function of IP Dialler of last generation: all in a module.

The IP Controller modules rapresent the solution to control and manage all the installations in a building as last generation system, guaranteeing securitycomfort and saving. All in a simple,quick and safe way, without changing anything and directly from smartphonetablet or PC, thanks the integrated web-server and the dedicated APP  “IP Controller” (free for iOS, Android). Exploting all the advantages of the TCP/IP technolgoy, the IP Controller Modules enable to remotely control and manage an illimitate number of installations and disply via  APP, video and images from CCTV camera (recorded, live; single channel).​

Thanks to the VOIP technolgy integrated on the MarssCloud, for any single event related the installation and devices managed, the IP Controller Modules can send: Push Notification, Vocal Calls and/or SMS or both to 5 phone numbers simultaneously. The end user can receive always and anyway the Vocal communication or the SMS, with any phone type  (landline or mobile and also old generation models) and with any connection type.

All can be set directly via MarssCloud, without to manage any SIM.

For any output and input related the IP Controller module is possible to set a different phone number, to a tailored management of the events communication, according to the user needs.

Thanks their design, the IP Controller Modules fit with any environment and no required any special installation or software.

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