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Stand-alone access control system, ACS series, with proximity reader integrated

Lunedì 19 Settembre 2016

The access control system ACS series by MARSS, it's composed by two differente models of stand-alone reader that can manage up to1010 users: respectively dimensions;44x140x24 mm and 76x119x21mm

Thekeypads ACS series, with blue backlight keys, integrate the proximity reader and can be used in 3 different way: only card (or badge), only code, card (o badge)+code.

Thanks their design, the keypad ACS series can be installed everywhere, both inside that outside, because weather-resistant.

Interfaced with the   IP Controller moduels it's possible to directly manage, by APP IP CONTROLLER, the full access control: verify the status, open/close the gates/doors and receive pushes notification, vocal call and sms on their status

sistema controllo accessi stand alone