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Electronic Lock over plastic optical fiber

Lunedì 1 Agosto 2016

As part of Marss' M-Fiber line, Lucchetto Elettronico is a stand-alone anti-theft system over Plastic Optical Fiber, to protect any object inside and outside: bikes, gates, fences, devices….

As a lock closes and guards the object, exploting all the qualities related the Plastic Optical Fiber: weather resistance, wear and interference resistance, scalability, no installation limits, quick and fast installation, high protection level, no false alarms

Any object can be “sewn” with the plastic optical fiber cable, in a Loop up to 200 meters: any attempt to cut or twist the fiber is detected by the concentrator module  ALM-6816  and the alarm can be managed according to the user requirements. Thanks the alarm outputs on the mainboard, Lucchetto elettronico can be interfaced with any alarm communication and transmission system. It can be installed on the fence to protect them against the break-throught