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Marss on the bi-weekly ILGALLO, January 9-22 2016

Venerdì 15 Gennaio 2016

IlGALLO, the bi-weekly newspaper for the free information in Salento area, plays MARSS IP & Security, during one of the most important local historical-cultural events:  the patron saint's festival, in Tiggiano.

MARSS IP & Security is always an integrate part of  Tiggiano, the small city where the company was born and where is settled the headquarter .  

To promote and support the local culture in all of its expressions, it's part of  the company's mission  because MARSS is always sure that a community who grows under the influence of its more traditional values, it's a more civil and safe community.

Under this perspective, MARSS promotes one of the most ancient festivals in Salento area: S. Ippazio's festival.