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New HDMI professioanl cables: full HD, 3D, ethernet 1.4pv

Lunedì 14 Settembre 2015

New professional HDMI Cables, IPH series, gold connector

Ideal application for  TV, Decoder,  Audio System, Console, CCTV, ecc., to cover distances up to 20 m., thanks, the standards FULL HD, 3D, ethernet 1.4pv 

The HDMI cables even if look like similar,  differ in two qualities: the building qualities and the quality of the used materials included the  la shield.

Better is a cable and better is the shield, longer is the distance covered. 

For the distances of 1 meters, also the low-quality cables work well, the gaps are when the cable is longer than  5, 10, 15 meters. You have to consider different features:

  • Standard HDMI Cable: standard cables suitable to connect a 1080i o 720p source. This kind of cable doesn't support the  1080p,  so it's not suitable to connect a Blu-ray player or a modern full HD source.
  • High-Speed HDMI Cable: high-speed cable, with a major bandwidth, for Full HD resolution and superior.
  • High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet: it's the network version for the HDMI Hi-speed cable. It's the most advanced cable where coexist, on the same cable, the video signal, audio signal and network connection, and able to manage Full HD resolution and superior

Our HDMI cables, IPH series, meet the High Speed HDMI with Ethernet standard. Read more in the products session