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Splitter Extender HDMI 2x6, to split and extend the audio/video signal up to 60 mt., with a product only

Venerdì 8 Maggio 2015

IPH-SE206 is two products in one: a splitter to connect 2  HD signals sources (settable by IR remote control) with 6 HD display terminals and an extender up to 60 mtSpecifically it manages 4 extender RJ45 outputs up to 60m. + 2 HDMI outputs. 

With the diffusion of high definition, grows the demand to distribute the HD contents from a source (SAT or DTT TV decoder, DVD and Blu-ray reader, CCTV camera, Hi-Fi system, ecc..) to more monitors (es. Television, PC monitor,..) simultaneously.

IPH-SE206 represents an extremely advantageous cabling solution both for the residential environment and in the complex structures because it solves, in a simple and immediate way, different needs.


Distribution, in the domestic environment, of the signals coming from decoder, Blu-Ray, ...

Professional application into shops, trade centers, exhibitionsconference rooms, hotels....

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