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Problem with the private IP no public? The Routerboard model IPV-4084V is the solution

Giovedì 12 Marzo 2015

Even more the mobile operator, as in Italy TIM, H3G, Wind, ... provide connections with private IP, not public, with consequent problems to connect a device to the network.
The Routerboard IPC-4084V model solves all the connection problems of a CCTV device and/or an IP device to the network.

It is pre-configured with the MarssNet VPN Video/Data plugin and allows to manage any  DVR, NVR and CCTV IP  camera and/or other IP device by Web URL or  App, without to specify the IP address of the connection and without complicated port forwarding configurations. 

 The MarssNet Plugin makes a secure tunnel between the IP device and the MarssNet server.

The Router is equipped by 5 Gigabit ethernet (1WAN + 4LAN) ports, an Access Point WIFI 802.11b/g/n to be used in any SOHO environment, and  one USB 2.0 port, to connect any 3G/UMTS modem. The router is made with a powerful CPU AR7240,  with 64 MB  RAM, Router OS Level 4 3G  >>> continue