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New line of HDMI Splitter with 2, 4 and 8 outputs

Lunedì 19 Gennaio 2015

HDMI is a standard interface to transmit the no-compressed audio and video data between multimedia devices.

MARSS' HDMI splitter, IPH series, allow to connect a digital device (NVR, DVR, DVD-Player, Blueray, Playstation2, xBox, Apple TV, Receivers, DTT, Sky, decoder ecc.) with HDMI port, to 2/4/8 video terminals (last generation TV Full-HD, Monitor HD o projectors) equipped to support the HDMI. The Audio and Video output signals are reproduced all at the same time, without any interference or signal interruption. The HDMI splitter, IPH series, are complatible with all the HDMI cables. The same splitter can be placed at the end of a HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal.

Thanks to the HDMI splitter, by Marss, it's not required to make a switch from time to time and, the same image, audio, television show, movie or  video game in high resolution, can be displayed on two screens or multiple screens simultaneously.

The ultra compact metal design makes easy the installation and with no options for settlement.

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