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MAHOSY awarded SMART BUILDING product 2018 by a team of professional from Milan Politecnico

Venerdì 30 Novembre 2018

MAHOSY is the management system that revolutionizes the hospitality sector, because it introduces a vision and an innovative approach in managing the guest in the operational management of a hotel, whatever it is: hotel, B&B, homeholidays ...

MAHOSY is the result of MARSS R&D. MARSS was awarded during the last edition of SMART BUILDING LAVANTE for this innovative project.

A technical jury from the Milan POLITECNICO had selected  MAHOSY for its innovative significance that "revamps the concept of hotel management and brings it into an intelligent, integrated and convergent dimension. Thanks to the native IP technology, it presents a mobile-driven approach in host and structure management

IPPAZIO MARTELLA awarded by Domenico Petruzzella - Confartigianato Bari

ippazio martella smart building award

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