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Unità di analisi antivibrazione mono zona

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AN306 is a one channel wire fence vibration detector to protect up to 300 m of wire fence with up to 350 m of special sensor cable in case someone wants to pass or break into the restricted area. The alarm is triggered by vibrations of the wire fence and successfully eliminates EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields), normal wind, rain and other weather conditions, animal, and other disturbances. The AN-WTS (wind/temperature sensor) makes AN306 the precisest Perimeter Protection System with lowest level of false alarms with dynamic sensitivity adjustment in case of very windy weather and significant drop of temperature. Master unit: waterproof IP65 aluminum casing Weight of master unit: 970 g Dimensions of master unit: 175 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm Ending unit: waterproof IP65 aluminum casing Dimensions of ending unit: 50 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm Weight of ending unit: 140 g Type of sensor cable: AS257 Diameter of sensor cable: 6 mm Working temperature: from -40C to +70C Technology: new unique DSIGP Supply voltage: from 7.0 VDC to 24.0 VDC Supply protection: with 600W transient voltage suppressors Power consumption: less than 1 W Relays: 2 relays, NC Relays max current: 2 A Relays max. switching voltage: 30 VDC Relays protection: protected with 600W/36V transient voltage suppressors Tuning: menu system with 3 keys and 3 digit display

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