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Beyond DT the new detector for outdoor installations, by Risco

Mercoledì 28 Settembre 2016

The new outdoor detector by Risco is equipped with Dual Technology (DT) and combines two K-band microwave channels with two PIR sensors for better catch performance and pet immunity, minimizing false alarms.

Beyond is available in both wireless (in next months) and wired versions. The wireless model is DT with integral camera supporting visual verification and provides flexible installation options. The wired model can be installed using the RISCO Bus for ease of installation and supports remote services.

This new detector supports the RISCO Group’s a)Sway Recognition™ Technology recognizes and dismisses objects that sway and move repeatedly, such as swaying bushes and trees, eliminating them as intrusion events. b) Digital Correlation™ Technology ensures that only targets that cause similar and correlating signals in both PIR channels are seen as potential threats. c)  Direct Sunlight Immunity, is based on a special algorithm that ignores sudden changes in the intensity of the sunlight, thus eliminating one of the major causes of false alarms in the outdoor environment.

beyond risco sensore

The wired version  has an integral camera which activates on detecting an intruder, sending a series of high resolution images both to the user via the iRISCO smartphone app, and the monitoring stations

Beyond is suitable for securing any industrial location from intruders. Wireless models can be installed anywhere on the perimeter wall without the restrictions of cable location.  Beyond can be installed at any remote site, securing it from intruders or vandals. In the event of an intrusion, the camera will take a series of images that can be used as valuable evidence

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