Vertical market
Centralized management of the air control systems, lighting in the aqueduct tunnel
In 2018 the Utility has started a project of investment to upgrade one of the main gallery parts of a water abstraction system of... Read moore
Centralized remote management of the fire and intrution alarm signals, at the Lampedusa Airport
Centralizzare e “remotizzare” gli eventi d’allarme legati ai sistemi antifurto e antincendio presenti nella struttura... Read moore
Make a CCTV system in a photovoltaic park with a reliable connection
Presentiamo il caso pratico di progettazione e realizzazione di un sistema di videosorveglianza in un sito fotovoltaico realizzato in... Read moore
News and Events
New RISCO's VUpoint NVR with P2P technology
VUpoint NVR is RISCO’s superior plug & play recording solution. The VUpoint NVR is fully integrated with RISCO cloud,... Read moore
Digisense: double technology detector, for retail and home applications
DigiSense™ is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations. Based on RISCO Group's advanced detection... Read moore
4G Router: universal platform for the remote management and control
4GRouter is a device that, connected to a fixed telephone or to the PSTN input terminals of a PABX or autodialer, allows you to make and... Read moore